I just loaded up all the new coupons for Irvs Luggage and Executive Essentials into CJ.
The current coupons expire today, so get the new ones on your site ASAP.

These new coupons are all good until Jan 4th.

PLEASE be sure you only show Irvs Coupons on Irvs pages and EE coupons on EE pages. They will not work if someone tries to use an EE coupon on Irvs. ALL coupons are clearly marked as Irvs or EE.

Irv's Coupons

$10 off $100 purchase, $20 off $200, $30 off $300 + Free Shipping over $100
Coupon code: HOL123 - Expires: 1/4/2004.

Take $40 off $400 purchase, plus Free Shipping. Coupon code: HOL40 - Expires 1/4/2004

Take $50 off $500 purchase, plus FREE Shipping. Coupon code: HOL50 - Expires 1/4/2004

Take $75 off $700 purchase, plus FREE Shipping. Coupon code: HOL75 - Expires 1/4/2004

Executive Essentials Coupons

10% off any purchase over $35 plus FREE Shipping over $50! Code: HOL10 - Expires 1/4/2004

$10 off $100 purchase, $15 off $150 , $25 off $250 plus get FREE Shipping. (Excludes refills) Coupon Code: HOL1525 - Expires 1/4/2004.

Free shipping on purchases over $50. Code: FSHP50 - Expires 1/4/2004.

Stay tuned for a VERY COOL Holiday sales contest where you can win BIG prises!

Happy Selling!

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