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    Total merchant newbie to affiliate programs

    I am a merchant and own a webiste that sells original screen printed t shirts ( I am getting tired of the rising search engine PPC rates and found out about affiliate programs. Since alot of users on this board seem to be affiliates I wanted to see if a business like mine would attract any affiliates.

    I Plan on using Sharasale after reviewing a few companies and having a pay per sale of $3.00 USD per shirt. We keep our shirt prices pretty low and shipping rates fair to increase multiple shirt orders so orders of 3-5 shirts are very common.

    I just wanted to test the waters before setting up an account and recruiting affiliates, making banners, etc. Because I would hate to go through all the work and be told that my business/market is not a good match for affiliates.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Jim,
    Welcome to ABW
    I think you can sell your shirts via SAS.
    I suggest you contact Jrami before getting started. He can help you get headed in the right direction.
    See his forum
    Best of luck to you in Affiliate Marketing.

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    Thanks for link. I checked it out and it had some good info. Seems like the most important thing is to keep your account with plenty of money in it, which I totally understand.

    I'm going to wander around these forums a little more and pick up what I can and hopefully launch in about a week.

    Thanks again,

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    Since a lot of us have malls, and what's a mall without some kind of t-shirts, I think you would get included in a number of sites. Just remember it takes a long time to get onto sites even when people sign up for your program and it takes a long time for pages to get into search engines. And, you need to stay active and promote your hinny of reminding people to put your products up. But, they eventually will and it will pay off.

    I think you can do well.
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    Your shirts rock...I would promote them. I have seen similar affiliates promoted on places like craftster, so there is a market...

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