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    Lightbulb Help the beginner

    I am the beginner to this, and i would like to know what is datafeed and how to get them.

    I tried, but i couldnot get any datafeed.

    To complete my website i need to know what is the structure
    of the datafeed so that i can build the mysql database and start php coding but i didnot find a clue

    can any one help me by donating one sample feed so that i know how the feed look like and how to code .

    I contacted some merchants they rejected me saying that i am a newbie

    thanks for all your help


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    Data feeds give you a mess of almost everything a merchant has.I don't like them, because I prefer to use small banners,or text, and want to know what the product is,so I get place them as individual products,and always rotate, the "daily 3 day specials, will keep you at the computer 26 hours a web hosts provide meta-tags to provide shoppers with search engines most commonly used, Google with ad sense sends the top 500 keywords every week, then you pick out those you want to use, and tips, like using plurals, pets,or petshops.Works for me.

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    Or let Asif at GoldenCAN do the work for you...

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    Thanks for your information guys

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