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    :::: I Just want some advice/opinions ::::

    OK - So now I am home making a living online...
    All my income comes from the friendly surfers who purchase through my sites..

    I am trying to get as organized as possible and actually set some hours for myself and prioritize what needs to be done. I have come up with a few things, but would like some of you "web masters" opinions....

    One of the things I have learned is -- I can spend a lot of time reading ABW.. sometimes the entire day goes by - depending on the topic. Now - ABW is not going anywhere at all, I feel it is time well spent because I pick up a tidbit or two or maybe three everytime I come in here that actually helps me make more money.. so it's an investment...

    I can spend a lot of time watching my stats and have decided that I am not looking at my stats for awhile. It takes up a lot of time and does me no good. I am instead focusing on actual WEEKLY - SALES, IMPRESSIONS and CTR. Low CTR makes me look at that sites config and monitize the traffic better.. which could end up taking hours or the whole day.. but usually raises the CTR.

    I am not going to spend any more time watching the networks fumble with updates. They will update eventually and as long as I get a check at the end of the month it's cool.. as long as there are no MAJOR problems like total DOWNTIME or PURCHASES that don't show up..

    I have set aside a couple of hours a day to update certain sites that have datafeeds that are updated weekly - mostly working with the feeds to make them different... Another couple of hours a day to mess with my Datafeed PHP MYSQL Script and add more options/tweaks to it. It is always a work in progress and it's the engine behind all my sites so that is well worth tweaking each day to make it a better smoother running engine..
    (sometimes this tweaking goes on for hours and over multiple days

    I spend an hour or so a day looking through the merchant lists at the Networks and Indie Programs to see if any one new has arrived that fits one or more of my niches. Also, looking for other sources of revenue to diversify my sites more.

    BUT my questions are::::

    What does everyone here focus on -- on a day to day basis that makes for a more productive day / week ??

    Do you see anything in my own list that I should either forget about or spend more time on.. OR - is totally MISSING...??


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    I do a very similar thing to you only the hours may vary a bit.

    One thing I have been looking at recently is the sheer numbers of bots that do nothing for you or your sites also the fairly large number of email scrappers that visit every so often. It won't save you anything or make you anything but if you ban them it might prevent others making money from your sites.
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    This thread is interesting timing - I was thinking very similar thoughts yesterday.

    I know that I don't use my work time as productively as I should and was thinking about putting myself on some type of schedule. I am interested to hear how others manage their time as well.


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    Time Management has been a huge problem for me for years.

    However there are some set things I need to do each day - and I setup (and print out) an excel spreadsheet each week for the daily 'must do' tasks so I can check them off as I do them.

    Basically the essentials for me are:

    1) Check all sites are ok and loading quickly
    2) Check emails and respond where needed
    3) Check our mgrcentral forum posts and respond where needed
    4) Process student payments
    5) Check a couple of other forums (including this one) and respond where needed. (Limited to maximum of one hour)
    6) Processing site link submissions
    7) Processing articles submitted (our sites all allow people to post articles to them)
    8) Find a few extra articles if not enough submitted (goal is 10 a day)
    9) Programming new features and sites / datafeeds etc

    However even with this 'organisation' I still end up working 16 hours some days - and need to fix that!

    Hope this helps...

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    jacked by sylon
    ABW is addictive and the way I try to handle it is to be here while I am working on my site at the same time.

    I read what's here while I'm loading pages to my sites.

    The main thing is to keep making new pages all of the time and adding them to your site.

    The more pages your sites have - The better the chance the search engines will be pulling some of them up in search results and if all of your pages have links to all of your pages - if customers find any of your pages - in effective they have found all of your pages.

    Also - it seems like people are too lazy to click through a lot of pages on your site looking to see what you have. They want to search for what you have on your site.

    Your site needs it's own search engine if you don't already have one on it. You would be suprised how many people use it. It seems like everyone that goes to your site uses it.

    You need to made it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for on your site.

    The free site search box from Google and MSN are really not what you want on your site.

    I tried them and if you have hundreds or thousands of pages on your site they are always behind on indexing your site and really don't produce results that are anywhere close to what you really have on your site. A lot of sites still use them though.

    I use the Fluid Dynamics search engine on my sites. The best part is that it is free.

    It is hosted on your own server and you can tell it to re-index your site anytime you change or make new pages and in about 30 minutes - if you have a really large site - all of your search results will be current.

    If you have more than one site you can tell it to index all of your sites and a search from any of your sites will produce search results for all of your sites.

    You need a search box on every page in your site so your customers can search from any page on your site.

    This has increased my sales and made my sites more productive.

    The Fluid Dynamics search engine can be found at if you would like more information about it.

    It will install itself and then you just tell it what you want it to do.

    Good luck to you.

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    I'm having a hard time figuring out where to 'jump in' here at ABW... but this looks like as good a place as any

    I've gone back and forth on this issue for years. As many years as I've been working from home (around 8). I like the structure of "micro-managing my time" or having a set schedule... but "go with the flow" and total freedom and flexibility are awesome too.

    It's nice to think of working 6 hours per day, doing x y and z - in that order. But just about the time I get all set to do that... my daughter falls and needs a quick trip to the ER, unexpected company shows up and stays for 3 hours, or some other something - who knows! LOL So then I ditch the schedule and just "go with the flow"... working by a prioritized task list, but at the times that I can instead of when I "think I should".

    I cant say which is better. Definitely glad to have the options!

    As for *what* is on that daily/weekly task list - that's going to be different for everyone, and sometimes even different every week. Personally I keep a running task list and jot ideas down there as I am working through the day... so that I can go back to them later (keeps me from jumping from one thing to another and getting totally sidetracked). Then once a week I go over my lists and 'clean them up' and prioritize for the week ahead.
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    Gordon - Good to hear I am NOT far off then.. If your doing similar then that makes me feel better about my schedule.. LOL..


    mgrcentral - "However even with this 'organisation' I still end up working 16 hours some days - and need to fix that!"

    Yep that is what I am trying to do -- cut back to at least "only" ten hours a day..
    SO I have time for some kind of LIFE.. =)


    BurgerBoy - Got it - Site Search.. But mine isn't used as much.. I keep pretty much everything within two clicks of any page they land on. The site search is on every page as well... BUT Yes I agree site search is 150% needed..!


    Lynn Terry - I hear ya - day to day things pop up and you just have to deal with them. Everyone that I know -- knows I work at home and have been given strict instructions NOT to just stop by between 8am and 6pm.. I hate it when I am in the middle of programming something into my script and then someone stops by and interrupts me.. it takes forever to get back on track.. I try to treat this like a "REAL" J*B.. and people usually don't stop by your "REAL" J*B just to BS..

    OH and Lynn - There is no warm spot in the pool - you can jump in anywhere...

    I saw Leader was in here for awhile last night.. I was REALLY looking forward to hearing what she had to say.. so I came back a while later.. but SADLY she did not post.. LOL
    HINT HINT...

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    wake up - make coffee
    check main email, dont read it all just check it for important stuff.
    build a page based on the dream I had last night
    open second window to abestweb click on new post see whats happening with arc and amswo merchants
    refill coffee mug
    build page based on important email
    write an email to an affiliate manager of choice
    refill coffee mug
    build a page based on what I think that affiliate manager will answer in his email.
    check network stats and see new possible programs to join.
    delete most internal network mail without opening it.
    build a page - This is usually on a site that I have an interest in like "Hot Dogs"
    register a new domain - (once a week)
    refill coffee
    Learn something that can help my business.
    Go to lunch
    take nap
    build a page based on that dream
    take a walk 10 minutes enjoy the nature you only live once
    while on this walk I check my yahoo mail from my cell phone
    15 minutes on ab lounge
    build a page on how you should exercise right and shouldn't eat hot dogs and coffee.
    check the emails that wasn't important
    Do some online banking, what you do with your commisions is very important and I dont have time to go to a bank if you can walk to the bank you can kill two birds with one stone.
    build a page
    read a magazine on something that is not your hobby use as a future refernce for that domain you registered earlier
    turn off coffee pot
    watch the met game life needs laughter
    go to bed
    sleep for 15 minutes start process over
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