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    Anyone Familar With Accommodation Line
    I am thinking of signing up with this merchant Accommodation Line and I couldn't find any info on it on the forum when I put it in the search box. I think it may also be known as Hotel Club.

    The travel merchant I use now just don't get any sales. Most of them are through CJ and I am in the process of eliminating them (CJ). The other one is Travel Now associated with Ian Travel and they redirect. So I don't trust them because our code gets lost. Plus they don't ever answer our emails. Send us a newsletter though.

    So if anyone knows anything about this one, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


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    Hotelclub, last time that i checked up they had the deal that if people use the rebates you will not get your commision. (return visitor) (i still have them on a couple of non performings sites though.... I should skip them.
    Travelnow, the best in the industry. timely monthly wire payments for many years. affiliate support within 24 hours. and your own phone number for tracking call ins. (knowing that around 50% of the internet visitors for hotel resevations makes the actual booking via the phone, i nice thing to keep in mind. )
    For Asia you can try PresisionReservations dot com, but still hae some unresolved tracking issues with them.
    But in Hotelreservations, do not join any program what has higher than average rates, as you aint going to get a sale.
    Travelnow for most of asia is hopeless. for USA the best. Europe has Bookings dot net. Italy has Venere dot net.
    Oh yea, all 4 have wire transfer, and the last 3 wire like clockwork (i have have hotelclub on check).
    Heard that Lodgings dot com stopt with the rebates, so maybe i should give them a try agian.

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