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    Best way to "mask" a domain?
    What is the best way to "mask" a domain?

    I registered a domain name at GoDaddy for the purpose of pointing it to a specific website. I think what you call it is "masking" or "redirecting". I'd like for the redirect to be seamless, and for the domain name to show up in the browser's address bar (not the URL it is pointed to).

    Is it best to do this within my GoDaddy account (the registrar), or should I point this to my host and then do something from there?

    I'd be interested to know the SEO "do and dont" perspective, too... Can a masked domain get indexed and rank well, or is this only useful in regards to pay-per-click and other promotional methods?

    (My guess is that if I want to "SEO" this particular site, I will need to create a "landing page" on the domain name and then encourage click-through's to the site from there - ?)
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    Hi Lynn,
    At the end of your post you are hinting at the idea of pre-selling. Also it's not clear if you own both domains, which opens more options.

    But before you get into this step can you explain your rationale for why you feel a need to redirect in the first place? Sorry I answered you with a question


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    That's okay, Peter - obviously needed clarification

    The domain name I own. The URL I want to point it to is a company replicated site. So let's say it's (123 being my unique number). You know the drill - we see these all over. It's a static site in that directory, not an affiliate link that redirects or cookies.

    At that URL is a great landing page with a "lead capture". Once visitors request more info, they are taken deeper into the site (page by page).

    It was suggested that I "mask the domain", and I noticed the lady I got it from had her own domain name in the address bar - it didnt refresh to her specific URL once I clicked on it.

    I know the answer to my question: I should have masked it through GoDaddy. But I didnt - I pointed it to my host and added the new domain to my account (I use ThirdSphere). So I was wondering if there was a way to mask it from within my hosting account, or if I should just backtrack.

    Also, I was curious if a masked domain would get indexed...

    This is certainly not my expertise. I generally create affiliate sites and stick to "internet marketing". This *is* a network marketing type group, and they tend to do things a little different (usually a lot less concern over SEO, obviously). I got involved on the product end (not opp end) and my "upline" ended up offering me some great spillover. Obviously that piqued my interest on the opp ... so I thought I'd give it a fair shot.

    Too much info, perhaps - just wanted to give you an idea where I was going with that.
    <b>Lynn Terry</b>
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    I have seen redirected domains get indexed.... but unless you are getting type in traffic it will be of no value...

    I would recommend a landing page... how ever what you described as a redirect id called "URL framing" when the url doesnt change as you drill into the redirected site...

    I think you aswered your own question....

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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