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    Affiliate Manager Certification Seminar
    It sounds interesting. And I wanted to know;
    Who's going? What do you think about it? Should affiliate attend, would it beneficial for them? Does it make sense for affiliate managers to be 'certified' by another affiliate manager?

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    >>It sounds interesting.

    Here's my two cents FWIW, which may be worth a little something because I don't know much yet, so I still keep my eyes wide open looking to learn. It sounds interesting, and it also sounds like it's got considerable profit potential.

    >>And I wanted to know;
    >>Who's going? What do you think about it? Should affiliate attend, would it >>beneficial for them?

    I'm not going but I would if I could and here's why. Commissioned salespeople get commissions for selling. Sales managers can not only sell and get commissions, but they get an "over-ride" on what their salesmen make. If I were ambitious I'd look to get into affiliate management, and that takes know-how to do it right. Going by what I look for, AMs have to know how to conduct themselves and what to do to attract and keep loyal people, especially high earners who can be fussy. So it's getting a skill-set that may come in very useful should opportunities arise.

    Another reason it sounds good for affiliates and why I'd go if I could - I am what I consider a nickel an dime small player, but I figure that to train aff managers there has to be instruction on how to attract super affiliates. Hence there will have to be some info on what it takes to become a super affiliate in the course of training affiliate managers.

    Not that I expect to be one, but knowing what it takes doing can't help but serve to give knowledge that should increase income. Maybe not to $10K a week or month for some people, but the possibility for decent increase is always there even if it's just a few key points that can make or break someone and take them from poor to middle or high middle income.

    >>Does it make sense for affiliate managers to be 'certified' by another affiliate manager?

    Anything taken to improve skills always looks good on a resume. But aside from that, it depends on WHO the affililate manager is who's doing the certifying/instructing. One of the first things I've learned is to shop affiliate managers, they're not all created equal.

    Regardless of the value of certification, if the instructor is a dud it isn't worth it. But if the one teaching is one who's liked, loved, respected and has a loyal following and a good track record, there's a reason for it and that's the brain I would want to pick.

    That's my 100% objective, unbiased opinion, because I can't go.

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    I think it's oriented more toward Affiliate Managers or people who might have an interest in becoming an Outsource Program Manager. If you're just an affiliate, it's probably not for you.

    Definitely no chance for the instructor being a dud. Andy knows his stuff.
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