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    I have promoted these guys since August when they were on Quinstreet and man did they convert. Commission was 8% then and with the price of their beds, a commish of over $200.00 bucks wasn't out of the question.

    In October, they moved to cj and the commission dropped to 5% but I thought hey, they are converting 1 in every 60 clicks I will stick with them. Up goes a new Select Comfort Revenue page and a couple days later, whammo, a sale and I am thinking ALRIGHT. After the first sale, nothing just like a lot of the others at CJ. Zero, Zilch, NADA. So I change the page-NADA.

    I went to their site last night and guess what to my wondering eyes should appear but 800 number everywhere. Man are they proud of this 800 number. It is on nearly every page and Select Comfort encourages them to use it.

    Needless to say, at my site they are gone and their butts are dropped today.

    Mike :mad:

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    I signed up but hadn't put up any links...., now I won't even bother. Thanks for the info!

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