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    iFrame Links - Yay or Nay?
    I signed up with a new indie program and found that their links are in IFrame format. I'm not too crazy about this in part because it's a PIA for me to accommodate the iFrames format in existing pages. I'm also not too crazy about it because not every browser has the ability to view iFrames.

    The merchant says they're using iFrames because it allows them to create dynamic links for publishers who don't want to have to update their links when products/product lines change.

    I'd be interested to hear other people's views on iFrames as a merchant linking mechanism. In addition to voting would you please add your comments?

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    They're fine. They're not spiderable so you lose that benefit but i've never had a problem with them. I have a few that use them, Amazon being the biggest.

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    They convert fine--but every time I use them to show products, the pages end up tanking in the SERPs...even when I use more spin to make up for the nonvisiblity of the link's native keywordage. I don't know why this is...maybe the SEs think I'm getting up to things when they see the iframe code. But what I'm actually doing on those pages is just replacing some dead CJ merchant's product link with an Amazon one.
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    I remember peole talking about that and GoogleGuy said it's just a myth (iframes hurting your pages) and talked about it here:

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