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    Tracking Customers
    Im looking to improve tracking for affiliates at the moment we have a system which we track there IP and put a cookie on the computer, but for long term re-orders its not a great solution, anybody willing to explain how they track.

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    All I can say is when I compare repeat customer orders vesus new customer orders they did jive with the actual data, telling me my IP/cookie system is not to accurate. You might want to give web trends a look. They are expensive but I believe they have reduced some prices lately

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    Hi there,

    IP's are for short-term (session) tracking, cookies can be used (theoretically) for unlimited time but they are deleted or overwritten easily as you know.

    The best way to track long term re-orders would probably be to have the customer register for an account the first time they buy and storing the affiliate ID in their account info (database). Then later when they make a purchase you just see what affiliate ID is associated with this customer account.

    Not sure though how forcing customers to register would effect sales though...
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    Sorry about the first answer. Did not read the question fully. OK, is screwed up. With the system I have used, it has a "idiot option" in other words if the visitor does not have the ?id=<affiliate ID> in the URL string a page "Please enter affiliate ID" comes up. They enter the ID and they are taken to the page they came in on.

    This works well if all of the e-mails and other means of lead generation tools available for the affiliates have the affiliates ID hard-coded into everyone of the messages/monthly promo going out.

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    There was a good article about life time commissions I once read.

    Caveat, do searches on all the affiliate boards to see what *affiliates* think of the different tracking solutions he mentions.

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