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    Claria Launches Behavioral Search Site

    Screenshot looks very Google like. Wonder if this might be another reason MSN wanted to buy them. Maybe Claria wants to compete with Yahoo, Google, MSN in search?

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    Now that's some powerful Spyware penetrating domains with a hidden Ad GPS (Gerbal Penetration System) slipped into the shoppers undies. Imagine the Adwhores drooling about selling shoppers habits down to what they check out in shopping carts and how much balance they have left on their credit cards for some competitive upsell and cross sale popups. Bet the front end site and/or new toolbar won't tell the searchers or shoppers where that info came from or how they know you just bought some 1-800Flowers and pop a special on a flower vase at Boscov's. Spooky.
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    See the 2nd paragraph of the story...

    Once layered in, with Claria claiming to rank sites / SERPs based on consumer behavior, searchers will be told by Claria about where other people chose to buy for the "best" deals and where they went to get the "best" information. Given their past, does anyone expect these future algorithms to be soley influenced by collected consumer data?

    I think Claria will factor in the "advertiser who pays us the most" colected data attribute and search will all become paid ads. And the consumer will be told repeatedly, then over again, about how much other consumers really love the sites listed at the top. Just as we were told how much consumers love having spyware and adware that we didn't ask for and can't remove.

    They call it pioneering and revolutionary.

    I call it...

    Specturdular! (like spectacular, but in a turd-like way)

    Stupidendous! (like stupendous, but with a cement truck load of stupidity poured in).

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