Hi All:

Here are 2 active coupon codes for your sites:

1. coupon code: "ship4bw" gives your customer A $4.95 credit or in other words free shipping. Since we give all orders over a $100.00 Free Shipping anyway, this coupon code will give them an additional $4.95 off their order.

2. coupon code: "sassy4bw" gives your customer 10% off their entire order.

About our coupons:

All that needs to be done for a customer to receive a discount is to insert their coupon code in the "coupon box" found on the check-out page at our web site. All codes are lower case and they should NOT put the quotes (") around the code. These codes have a $10.00 min. purchase. The free shipping and the 10% discount have worked real well for us before. It's up to you to figure out which one will work best for your customers. Some get "turned on" by free shipping while others love the 10% off. Feel free to use both - as your customers can use either one. Just keep in mind only one code per order. Both coupons are valid until March 15, 2004.

If anyone has any questions about the coupons above please email me or make a post at our forum, here at ABW.

Howie Goldberg
Affiliate Manager