Depending on the datacenter, I had a page ranking between #8 and #14 in the SERPS for a general term with over 32 million pages listed in Google. I reached a goal of reaching the front page SERP of a major keyword with thousands of daily searches.

The second goal has not been reached: keeping it for a year. I managed 8 months, but not a year.

Last week, an allinurl search on this site revealed 87 pages. The week before revealed 199. Two months prior it was in the 500 range, where it should be.

An allinurl search just fifteen minutes ago reveals one page, NOT UNDER MY CONTROL. Clicking it takes you to some spammy used cars site, telling you how to save thousands every time you buy a used car and to beware of shifty salespeople.


The traffic to my site has fallen off by 2/3 in the last two months.

Problem: this site is my first AM site. I hosted it through my personal space provided by my ISP and adding <base href=""> to the page head exhibits bizarre behavior:

If I have the <base> tag in place, my links that say <a href="page.htm"> go to "" instead of "".

Any ideas? I want my traffic back.