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    Adwords stats wrong or is it the merchants?
    I created a new adwords campaign for a merchant that I have run on adwords before without any problems.

    I noticed that the numbers seem off on the reporting between adwords and the merchants reports.

    For example... adwords is charing me for 38 clicks throughs in a time period and my merchant only shows 5 click throughs for the same period.

    I did an experiment because of this and clicked on direct links to the merchant (the same link that I used to build the adwords ad, and that click through shows up in the merchants reports, which leads me to believe that adwords is inflating the click through count. Or for some reason the merchant isn't detecting ads that are brought in from adwords.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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    If you are sending them directly to the merchant from Adwords, make sure the merchant allows that. Some do not and your clicks will not be recorded as affiliate clicks.
    Otherwise, take a look at your logs and you should be able to see where the clicks Adsense is charging you for are coming from.

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