Hi all,

This is my first post in the ‘Couponers Corner’ as Partner Manager for GreatSkin, although I have posted a few coupons here for Mondera.

Yep, incase you missed the thread over at the Linkshare forum, WSO now co-manage the GreatSkin program as well. So good news all round!!

I’d like to get things started with news of a brand new offer, with creative, offering a Free Shipping upgrade to UPS Priority on every purchase.

This offer is good for a year, and no code is needed.

The creative can be found under Links>Images>Coupons in the following sizes:


If you prefer, it's also available as a text link under Links>Textual>Coupons.

Thanks, good luck and as always, your comments are very welcome!


GreatSkin.com Partner Manager
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