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    Post Dear Linkshare,
    Please do abandon all your Synergy ANALytics efforts. I understand you have the best of intentions when you're working so hard on this, with all your team, but it is just so useless and complicated that it hurts. It hurts so much to look them that I want to take all of "High Value-Add Sales" and "Low Value-Add Sales" and stick up to my YAGO!

    I promise I will not complain why my checks are late, why the enveleopes come "unlicked", or why you cut the checks 5 weeks after a merchant send you the money.

    By the way, a software in "beta" supposed to get better with time, not worse. Everytime I try to figure out this thing, it becomes more annoying to do so.

    I like you, especially after consolidated payments, and I want to work with you, but you gotta work with me, too.

    Warmest regards,

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    I think the problem is that LS spent so much time and money on this software that they now feel trapped to use it, good or bad. Obviously they made the fatal mistake of not having affiliates closely involved when they developed it and as far as I know, their beta system of testing it (as true beta systems are done) was also flawed (I know of nobody that was asked to be a true beta tester and nothing has ever been set up for the general affilaite to provide direct beta test results to LS).

    As I've posted before, I'd like to see two stats systems. A simple on that gives us the basics and then a hyper system we could go to if we really want to look at all that data they are pushing down our throats. Right now it is not clear what they are doing and I'm not sure they know either.
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    Sticking with a bad deal just because you've invested in it is like basic wall street 101. You don't do it.

    I still believe they did this as a way to confuse people which allows them to adjust things like they what to. Who can argue with reports that do not jive if the person designing the report doesn't care or intentionally makes it that way?

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    You might want to send a link to this thread to "analytics at". They're looking for feedback, and I know many people have been saying the same thing. I liked the old reports much, much better.

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    I'm not even bothering to check my stats anymore. I'm down to a few merchants, whatever they send me is just fine. I just don't have the time to figure out all these changes, that never seem to work out, and then they change again.

    I have a brand new site, that is doing really well with google and MSN. I almost went to LS to look for some merchants. Then I thought about all the hassle of figuring their reports out and when to Shareasale. They may not have all the bells and whistles but I get my money and the reports are easy to read and understand.


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    what Jazz Times said!!!

    It's just not worth the hassle.

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    I'm very disappointed with Synergy as well. Being a Mac user, I don't have IE 6.0 available, so I'm more or less locked out of the system. Microsoft has stopped working on IE for Mac and it's frozen on version 5.5 which does not work properly in Synergy. I've thrown in the towel on this and concluded that it's not worth my time trying to mess with something that simply won't work. I've stopped joining LS merchants and won't be putting any further effort into their system. I, too love SaS and have been putting all my efforts over there instead with excellent results. Thank you LS for helping me make this transition. I love the real time reporting and quality merchants at SaS.

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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