What does this mean to you guys ("Approved*" is a transaction that was approved for commission but later charged back) ? Up until today this sales report said my commission check had been processed on July 2nd. When it never came, I emailed my affiliate manager (you know who it is - the one you guys love to hate) and never heard back from him. But now that's what it says. So I guess I lost my commission check, right?

I really worked hard on this merchant's account after I got that sales (that I guess I didn't really get). And I come up on the Search engines for this product that I sold on top, like I told you all before, ahead of the merchant. Also for another merchant, but haven't got a sale on that one yet.

How is it possible to get so many clicks and so much traffic and no sales? And the ones you get are always taken away? I'm about to give up and find something else to do with my site.