First off because he's cute (though I haven't seen his photo so I dont know if he's as cute as Andy Rodriguez), but he is on "our side" and a man of his word. He owes us, and he has indeed ponied up - it's in the Shareasale interface right on time.

Not that he's the only one of the merchants I love here, there are several I've grown to admire, like Chris and Andy and Geno (and even Richard) to name just a few, but I have to say that what's here at ABW is a comfort zone. After all the blah blah and learning about Adwhores and the like, it's nice that there's a place to find Affiliate Managers who communicate with us, make themselves available and accountable, and earn our trust by being forthright, dependable, honest and open with us - not to mention willing to go the second mile to help us succeed.

There's much to say for appreciating merchants and their AMs who maintain a visible presence here at ABW. It's like having a safe harbor in the midst of the sea full of sharks that's out there.

That's why I love ABW - and jrami.