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    Press Releases
    What are your experiences with online Press Releases? I think that of all forms of promotion I know the least about Press Releases ... any insight would be wonderful! Also.... random question... have any of you ever pitched a story to a local newpaper involving your site?

    Thanks A Billion as Usual

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    PRNewswire is supposed to be pretty good. I don't know how much it costs though.

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    I just had a press release go out through prnewswire and prweb at the same time. It was a well written release, but the results were less than desirable. This was my first and it was more or less an experiment. The trick here is to provide something that's extremely newsworthy that people want to hear about. I think a contest or special promotion might work okay if you offer something very desirable. It might also be a good idea to send a release if you contribute to a charity or organization. What you don't want to do is send a release simply talking about your site. You need to have a big story that's very newsworthy.

    My release only went out a week ago, so we'll see how it does in the long run. I was hoping for immediate results but was disappointed.

    - Scott
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    I recently got my 15 minuets of fame thru a news article done about me and my website. Wish it would happen at least once a month!

    It ran in a few Neighbor sections the first week and then in some more the following week. I was flooded with so much sudden traffic, they found every weak spot on my sight. Thank goodness I had a week to fix them before I was flooded again.

    My site is very local, covering less than 10 counties surrounding a major city in the state. The article was a great boost for the site, especially since I had only been online for about two months.

    My aff CTR are still very slow but I see it increasing little by little. I have had a sale so that's a good sign. (I still have only been online for less than 12 weeks). My adsense has done much better, giving me an average of almost $2.00 per day.

    How the article came about:
    There was a major event happening in my area and my site just happens to be very related. I had seen an article in the paper about it, sent the journalist an email and asked if he wrote any more articles, would he mind just mentioning my site. He replied he wasn't going to do any more stories but that he would pass the info along to their media desk. Two weeks later, I had an hour interview and a photo session!

    It was a fantastic opportunity for my site because it's so local and somewhat limited in the visitors that will use it. Saved me the much dreaded task of doing a press release.

    If you can get in the paper, go for it. Free publicity is nothing but good.


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    Well I've had success with prnewswire and prweb for my clients when they announce new product lines and new Patents. I hoped Linkshare would release a Press Release for the GoldenLink Award winners to funnel some traffic to my site. Lurkers with credit cards are allowed...LOL. I decided to run one myself starting on the 18th to see if Google Yahoo and MSN pick it up and even get Adwords and Overture exposure for the 30.00. I even put up the LS GoldenLink Award Winner banner on the EcomCity frontpage with some vocal spin. Wonder how long before the site scrapers show up with that tidbit and SERP spam links

    Now if only I could get Haiko to set a rule that any ABWers who gets to 14,000 posts gets a free ABW press release, maybe I'll snag a Linkshare sale before the month closes.
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