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    Is Paypal's Affiliate Program Making you any money?
    I have recruited many, many businesses to Paypal, I have yet to earn anything substantial from them. The business I recruit must use Paypal to transfer $200, then I earn .05 percent of their draw up to $1,000 for a period of one year.

    Is this just a pipe dream? Now that they are offering merchant services, any chance we will be seeing real commissions? Paypal is rolling in dough, I wonder why they are tight with commissions.

    Any better programs for epayments out there?


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    I saw that commission deal and have to say it's extremely crappy. I did a little math and you'd have to recruit a merchant that does $200,000 in sales for the first year to get that $1,000 commission. What merchant with that kind of income would ever use Paypal as their credit card processor? Paypal is mostly used for new merchants trying to get a grasp on ecommerce. After a couple months, they move on to better things. Paypal's 3% rate is higher than many other processors, so nobody in their right mind with any substantial sales volume will stick with Paypal. IMO this affiliate program is worthless.

    - Scott
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