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    Thumbs up Back from the Kid Rock concert!
    Well, we made it back all in one piece...

    That had to be one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen!!

    We got over there in parking at about 2:30. Gates to the concert area didn't open until 5:30, so we sat out in the parking lot and watched people get totally tweaked. *LOL* It was a bit miserable. Parking was in a field and it was 103 in the sun. We drank tons of bottled water and kept rubbing ourselves down with ice. Every once in a while we would pile in the Envoy and crank up the air until we cooled down.

    We headed down to the gate area around 5. It was quite a little walk and you couldn't take anything with you to drink while standing in line which really stunk. We got down by the gate and it was complete madness... shoulder to shoulder packed. We created a circle around our daughter and just herded her along so we wouldn't lose her. They didn't open the gates until just after 6:00 so we had to stand in that crowd for about an hour, in the heat, with nothing to drink. ughhhhh

    When they opened the gates they only let small groups in at a time and you had to have your tickets scanned, then get patted down by security (no cameras allowed, pretty much nothing but a blanket, a cell phone and your body was allowed), then go through an area to be banded if you were over 21 and drinking. After that it was free sailing. The whole thing was on the side of ski hill, so you had to walk up the mountain, which really stunk in that heat.

    Drinks were insanely priced. $9 for a glass of beer, $3 for a small glass of ice water.

    A band called the Dirty Americans opened for him at 7:20, then some guy with a guitar sang about 7 songs. Kid Rock hit the stage at about 9:05 and the place went insane!

    He came on doing a mix of parts of a lot of his hits. Then he did quite a few songs... a good mix of his old and new and some of his mellower stuff like Picture (the drummer Stephanie sang Sheryl Crowe's part and did and excellent job! She is amazing!!), Feel like Makin' Love, etc.

    He has about 8 hottie pole dancers that dance in cages at the front corners of the stages, 2 in each corner at a time.. they take turns dancing. The guys in the crowd were eating that up. *LOL*

    He also uses quite a few back drops - first was a flag with the tattoo that is on his back on it.. the eagle, then they had a Rebel flag, an American Flag and part way into it they dropped down a huge picture of the late Joe C. and the band played and they laid a recording of Joe C. singing over top of the band which was really touching.

    In addition to the back drops he has quite a few pyrotechnics and explosions in just the right places.

    I have to say, as a performer, that guy is MAGIC! He comes on stage with such a presence that he seemingly casts a spell over the whole crowd and can control them like a puppetmaster. It was the coolest thing to watch!

    At one point he went through and played every single instrument on stage... Keyboards, Guitar, Banjo, Turntables, and Drums. He is EXCELLENT!

    He came back for two encores... the first one seated at a white piano where he played a variety of stuff. The second and final encore was awesome! He did a mix of music by Michigan musicians like Old Time Rock-n-Roll by Bob Seger, Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent, some Motown and the song An American Band, then he went into the Eminem song saying "May name is what?" which worked the crowd into a frenzy, then the whole stage seemed to be ablaze with pyrotechnics, so much you couldn't see anyone on the stage and all the while the bass beat was building up louder and louder in then there was a loud explosion and he bust into Bawitdaba and the crowd went nuts!

    When he finished the song, he worked the length of the stage waving at everybody in the crowd and saying good night. Then he ran off stage, jumped in a black Hummer and was whisked away. He played until about 11:10, so a good two hours.

    Since no camera's were allowed, we didn't get any pictures (other than a really funny one of a friend of ours in the parking lot afterwards who was totally plastered.. I turned it into a Priceless ad and we are going drop it off to him & his wife later today... LOL). My nephew managed to snap a couple with his camera phone, but I have checked yet to see if they turned out. If so I will post a couple later when he gets home.

    Our daughter was totally impressed with everything other than drunks spilling their beer on her and people around us smoking "giggle sticks" and couples they should have gotten a room if you know what I mean. Oh, and the fact that she couldn't convince me to take her down into the mosh pit. *LOL*

    If you ever get a chance to see him perform take it! You won't regret it!
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    Wow Michelle!
    Overall, it sounds like you had an awesome time...despite the long wait, expensive drinks and heat (but that could be any concert-going experience)...I sounded like the concert itself was AWESOME!!! And if "Kid" is ever in town, I will have to make a point of seeing him...

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