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    Bart's Water Supports: Problems? Contact Person?
    I've been looking at Bart's Water Sports for several months as they have some products I want to promote but there are some big problems with their feed. Namely they have prices listed in their descriptions that do not match their prices in the their price column. And some other things. I've emailed the contact person listed at cj, Mark Whealy (mark[at] a couple of times over a couple of months but never got a response. Anyone have any luck/problems with Barts? Anyone know how to reach them?

    Doing a search here at ABW I see reports of lots of reversals from them early last year. Wondering if things are still the same?
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    Bart's feed problem
    Ron, came across this message when searching my name on Yahoo. I apologize if you did not receive a response to your emails. Although my email address is listed as the contact there is actually someone else at Bart's that handles the technical CJ questions. I forward technical questions to my co-worker. Hopefully he responded to you regarding the feed problem.

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