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    Selling Links
    Someone contacted me about buying links on my site and it really took me by surprise. Guess they didn't bother to look at my recently dropped pr! ha ha (which incidently my traffic is at an all time high... )

    Is it a bad idea or a good idea to sell links? Or maybe is just depends who you are selling them to.

    Does anyone know how much to charge for this?


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    What kind of traffic are we looking at here? Is he buying the link because of your PR, or is he buying the link as an advertisement to recieve traffic?

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    and find out exactly where the links will take your visitors and try to find out if anything nasty (unexpected downloads) is going to happen when they get there.

    I can see this phenomenon of people wanting to buy links as a potential drive-by scheme. but let's hope they are all legit.

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    I also received one of those emails a couple of weeks back, but I chose to ignore it. I've become very choosy when it comes to linking, as I am bombarded on a daily basis with every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting a link to my site. Some of these people are also extremely presumptious - they link to you and then send you an email practically demanding that you link back (or else!). I don't even acknowledge most of the requests I receive these days as it has become a real pain in the arse.

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    I suggest downloading a click tracker and charge them per click. The traditional formula is to use CPM, say $2 to $6 for every 1,000 impressions. You can also run a monthly campaign at a flat rate. I've seen it done like that before. In any event, the link shouldn't be purchased as a permanent addition to your site. Best to make sure you get recurring income from the link. Treat it like any other advertisement.

    - Scott
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