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    Banner Ads On E-mail
    I would like to send a banner ads thru email. What is the best way to add it to the composition and not with the signature?


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    1) I personally view all my e-mails in plain text format. Don't know what the statistics is, but that part of your audience that does the same simply won't see them...

    2) If you do decide to them in an e-mail, send out HTML-based messages with your banners tucked into the body of the e-mail.

    Good luck!


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    Same as Geno.

    My generic Yahoo! account I usually use as well as Hotmail & Outlook have html and images suppressed by default (for the obvious spammer tracking reason). This means I wouldn't see your banner.
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    My email account blocks graphics by default, but gives me the option to click a link to see them.

    Also, hotmail rewrites links so you may not get credit for those clicks. I always have to copy and paste links to make them work in hotmail and a few other mail programs.
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