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    NetMoneyWizard schemes?
    Apparently early last month, NetMoneyWizard was deactivated by CJ (no explanation). Less than a week later all transactions for the past 30 days were 100% reversed.

    Less than two weeks later NetMoneyWizard is BACK on CJ and active.

    I find this to be total bull. They get deactivated and the transactions reversed and then right back on CJ. We don't get one thin dime from previous transactions.

    Why should I continue to promote them? It could happen again, right? The get top quality leads that I spent a pretty penny on google and other advertising venues for those leads. I get stuck with the bill, they keep the leads, and still on CJ.


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    wow... that does suck.

    Can anyone answer why CJ lets that happen?

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    good question . . .
    yes, why promote them at all?

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