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    Mossberg - WSJ Cookie Article
    I can't find the original thread on this, but here's a follow up article from iMedia:

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    the online industry, clearly the most measurable of all media, assembled for a virtual lynching of Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walter Mossberg.
    Serves 'im right!
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    It's a shame the lynching was virtual... the damage done to many, by one misguided, malinformed idiot isn't easily measured in dollars or angst... but it's large and lasting when carried by the WSJ.

    My Mom asked me about the first WSJ article by Mossberg - my first question to her... "why are you concerned enough to call me?". She said it scared her and she wondered if there was some software she could download that would block all the cookies.

    I explained that Mossberg is a uninformed turd and that downloading any program, to do just about any function at all, is a far more dangerous trip than any cookie could ever hope to be.

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    The means used to drive more traffic to eBay -Yahoo- etc. so pissed off the general public (read that as investor pool) that short term profits went up and stock values declined. Need I remind everyone that only the affiliate cookie tricksters and the sleezy SEM practices of eBay drove substancial traffic to this cookie washing trap. Add in the cybercriminals hawking eBay/Paypal phishing sites via e-mail spam, to the sheisters embedded into that flea market, and it becomes a media joy for articles on online fraudsters.
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