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    January 18th, 2005
    Old pages making sales
    It always amazes me when some old abandoned forgotten page not even linked to the main site but never taken down makes a sale.

    Well, I made a sale with a nice commission from one of my old CJ advertisers and I have no clue where the page even is.

    You know, I am not going to take down old pages.

    I am just going to use My Content Generator to ensure that all pages have different content and leave them up.

    Cripes, it must be two or three years since I even looked at that merchant. But, it put money in my pocket today with a nice, big, fat sale.

    Yep, throwing more poop on the wall!
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    Congratulations! Must be a nice feeling...


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    Nice SSanf

    We have at least 2 affiliates who assure me that they have not touched their cigarette domain for over 2 years and they SELL LIKE HELL.

    Old sites do very well, also.

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    There goes the one millishred of motivation I had ginned up to update my old pages.
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    I bet that made you smile
    Find us at 12% commission
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