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    No one bid on 15times lower price keywords on overture?
    Recently i just found a lot of .com keywords got no one bid on its. And compare to the average bidding price, it is 15 times lower. For example, take a look at keyword "T-Mobile", the highest bid is $3, and compare to "" is it 15 times lower. And i check the traffic of "" is not low.

    The top bidder of "" keyword is an affiliate site and they are not sending traffic to T-Mobile. After i check their site, they are using a "meta refresh" to redirect to another page. Then i search my browser history and download the page, guess what? I've saw the tricky parts here.

    Here the trick, they let overture review on page that about T-Mobile and got link linking to T-Mobile official site, after the review done they just meta refresh the page to their sales page. Isn't this so cool?

    There is a lot more keyword that no one bid on it or it is lower than average bid price. example:,,

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    Here the trick...
    Against Overture TOS

    Plus T-Mobile has a very agressive contract attorney in Bay Area that sends C&Ds. I have one = lol

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    Anyone want to lay odds on how long it is before Ecom posts in this thread?

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    pffffffft If I click on anything t-mobile, I want to see t-mobile information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellie aka Ms. B
    Anyone want to lay odds on how long it is before Ecom posts in this thread?
    What....? Have I been outed?
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