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    Payment from Merchants who Left Linkshare
    We have about 5 merchants who have left Linkshare (I think all are now at CJ) and owe us $$$. Does anyone have any idea how we can get this money? Should we just email the affiliate managers through our CJ account or just figure that $ is history.

    How on earth they don't have some sort of escrow accounts for merchants when this happens is beyond me.


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    over the years I have managed to contact disappeared merchants from LS and get some satisfaction.

    I have used their original email addys, their new CJ addys, and if seeming to be ignored after they moved to, say, CJ, I've waited for a promotional email and responded to that. Usually with a note back saying "you still owe me from before; no more links until I get paid."

    apparently some of them have sent emails right after moving, to the new accounts at CJ asking if they were owed anything. In a couple of cases I waited (apparently) too long before signing up again to receive anything like that.

    some have credited my LS account (those that moved in that direction) and some have given me a certificate for additional money to be spent at their site.

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    I've never seen LS doing anything positive about that. Most of the merchants are quite honest (now) and they will pay you (some several months after your money is due). The best is to contact the AMs, pretty easy if they are just switching networks. They are not doing their job at LinkShare and it's a shame. They are taking 30% of your income for a service they don't provide like reliable reporting, or on time payment of their affiliates.
    You may wish to contact the merchant directly for information on their payment plans with Linkshare.
    They should be collecting your money for you but that's the typical answer you get from them.
    To add to the insult, they would like to train our affiliate community. What a joke!

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    If you are under the minimum payment and the merchant left before the new consolidated payments, then you probably won't see the money. Some merchants are kind and drop the minimum payment to a penny when they leave; the contracts, however, don't require kindness.

    The industry is getting better, over the years, I've written off quite a bit of money.

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    No we were at the minimum amount except for one merchant who incidentally paid up this month.

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    I have not got burned yet by the few that have recently left LS. So far i have gotten all my payments.

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