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    Search Marketing by Affiliates??
    Hi All,

    you think I should allow search marketing by affiliates?
    I got a query and am confused both ways....can it be carried out in a controlled manner(that is have the affiliate approve the campaign from us)..


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    Yes, allow it
    Fire your SEO / SEM and let the affiliates do that work for you.


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    The main restriction I see merchants placing on PPC is restricting bidding on the company's trademarked name. I see this as a red herring, as most merchants have very few searches for their name, although that traffic often converts very well. You can usually get far more traffic from product-oriented keywords.

    I see a lot of advantages to merchants when they allow affiliate to freely run PPC campaigns. Even if a merchant has a several dedicated people working on PPC, affiliates will be able come up with tons of additional keywords and creatives that might not be as obvious to your internal people. It's just like the advantages to an affiliate program. Consider it a staff of hundreds in your marketing department.
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    I agree, you will see great traffic and volume from affiliates who use search. Let them bring you that quality volume!

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    I agree as well. We do have people working on PPC campaigns in house, but we have tons of affiliates that also promote us through that route as well.

    You need to make some ground rules dealing with trademark issues, but other than that I lend support in terms of keywords, etc. if they ask for assistance but otherwise they run their own campaigns.

    Good luck with your program,
    Amanda Hayes

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    A nice thread on this topic can be found here:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Merchant Consultant Team
    Fire your SEO / SEM and let the affiliates do that work for you.
    Hmmmmmm...... I wouldn't do it quite this drastically/dramatically. SEO is not that complex, Mike...


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