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    New affiliate marketing idea: feedback requested
    I've been kicking an idea around recently that involves a new way for our affiliates to sell our product. To see if it carries any weight, I figured I'd open it up to the masses and request some feedback.

    Our software program Xcelsius is used to turn Excel spreadsheets into interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, and presentation graphics. A user can modify his or her data by moving sliders, pushing buttons, and turning gauges, which is a much more exciting way to interact with data than typing numbers into cells. See some examples here.

    We offer the typical mix of affiliate materials: text links, banners, box shots, screenshots, etc. However, my thinking was that these methods, while effective, don't fully SHOW a potential customer what the product can do.

    So, the idea is to create and distribute a series of Flash or PowerPoint slides that contain a live Xcelsius models built with dummy data that also contain the affiliate's ID number. The affiliate could then market the file, almost like a separate product, and when a reader clicks on the "about" link, they're taken to our site just like any standard click would do.

    My question: Is this method too complex and/or does it require too much effort on the affiliate's part? Would it be something you (the affiliate) could do quickly and easily?

    All comments are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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    This is a similar model to what many gaming affiliates offer, nothing really new about embeding an affiliate id in a piece of software to hand out. Check some of the gaming affiliate programs like to see how they do it. They make it simple for the affiliate.

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