Hi to all

I have owned freebies sites, deal sites...never automated enough tho

I also own ptr ..paid to read sites..that use a script, very detailed, membership, banners, double opt in emails, with of course an admin area, written in php

I want to "revamp" my old freebie domains, with some sort of simple script...

I want>> 1) a central log in admin area

2) ability to add/remove links..for affiliate programs, freebies, and have them "cloaked" or at least hide the affiliate url....like a "http://www.mysite/php=1 or something?? do u know what I mean??

3) the links that I add should go into "areas" of the site..like "main" area..I would have tags in the html that would call up these links

and then side links, bottom links...some side "gifs"...

4) I want this to be more "freebies"...trial offers....and some 'lite" shopping

what I dont want is to maintain a huge mall of stores *tho I would not mind linking to some sort of premade mall or mall feed...however I dont want to have a gazillion products or pages...

>>>>>> I am pretty dumb at php but once it would be set up I would have no problem as i run other programs in this....I am already an affiliate in many many affiliate programs..and experienced in using them..

what I just need is the ability to "add/delete/expire' links from an admin area??

and....oh..yes I have looked at some of the fantastico php programs..but they are TOO much..I dont want this site to be 'interactive'.. i dont want "ratings' or "add a link" or any of that <grin> I just want a simple site, i add affiliate links in an admin, link is "hidden" or redirected/cloaked...and shows up in the area on the website...??

any ideas?? resources, programs....any php/webdesigners? or any freebie/simple site owners??

oh and tho I love freebies, I dont expect u to work for free <grin>

my email address is freebiesite@aol.com...aim is freebiesite
msn is bbsignups@hotmail.com

thanks in advance...cheri