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    Funny Spam
    I got a pretty unique spam today.

    We just interest will u read spam if

    it will contain something like this :

    1)First one

    [Off color joke removed]


    [Second off color joke removed]

    P.S. mail to [email address removed]
    1) We do not unsubscribe anymore becouse abusses go to unsubscribe url.

    2) If we unsubscribe u others spamers are not.

    3) If u abuse this e-mail we will never make spam more usefull.
    Don't these spammers have access to spell checkers? You have to give it to this guy for originality, though.

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    Ha-ha-ha-ha..... Made me smile...

    Did you know that by mistakes you can tell what the native language of the person making mistakes is/was?


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    I got one of these myself except mine had no jokes. I just reported it to spamcop and deleted it.

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