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    Just a heads up for those partnered with these guys, but Delta redesigned their website and forgot about updating the affiliate links to point to the new destination pages, or at least redirect to the new pages. Hopefully they will have this fixed soon, but all Delta affiliate links now lead to this:
    We're sorry for the mix-up, but the page you are trying to reach can not be opened up and here's probably why:
    The page may have moved or was retired.
    If you typed in a web address, recheck the address to make sure it's correct. Most addresses are case sensitive.
    Let us help you find what you're looking for with these resources, or if you'd like you can return to previous page.
    Site Map & Search
    Use the search tool at the top of the page to quickly scour our website or check our Site Map for a list of stuff on
    Let's Talk
    If you still need help, drop us an e-mail or call support.
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    Not good for a company this serious. I fly 'em all the time. Love what they do partnering with AmEx...

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    This explains why our July sales with Delta Airlines are so extremely low!!

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    Wow - it amazes me that this type of thing happens!

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