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    Click tracking question?
    I just put up links for a merchant that has their own program, not in a network. I have links cloaked so they emailed to let me know when they mouseover the link it is not set to track because they didn't see my affiliate ID in the status I told them they are cloaked and asked if they didn't see that I had click thrus and was told they can't track clicks only sales.

    So, is it possible that I will get credit for sales if they don't know if anyone is clicking on my links?

    Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but I don't see how you can track sales and not clicks?

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    Go into your Affiliate Account Management menu, and see if there is a "Clicks" heading. From there you should see if things are tracking correctly.

    More likely than not the merchant is simply unaware of the process of link cloaking.

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