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    How does the reporting work exactly?

    Should we see impressions?
    Click thrus and cookie settings on the first click or second (depending on which option we have set---as Mr.Sal has done)

    and any other info on the reporting nature of GoldenCAN...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cursal
    Click thrus and cookie settings on the first click or second (depending on which option we have set---as Mr.Sal has done)
    and any other info on the reporting nature of GoldenCAN...
    Only those clicks are counted towards the formula of 4th click when a user actually click and goes to merchant web site.
    If a user clicks on product detail or see different page views of the products on your web site those clicks are free and not counted towards anything.

    On every 4th click the GoldenCAN affiliate ID is added in the URL. The rest all the clicks has your affiliate id. I have no control over the cookies. Cookies are written by merchant or network on the base of what affiliate ID is passed to the link.


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    GoldenCan is a customer facing creative tool with infinite possibilities. You can make a general category page and throw in some individual product links and content for SERPs. You can search and save the results page link for displaying specific jewelry niches ... Native American Jewelry... or build a South Sea Pearl jewelry theme page and open the Golden Can of whoop ass on those keywords ... and hope someone clicks on the first real bargain shown & buys. South Sea Pearl Necklace with 1 3/4-ct Diamond Ball Clasp and negate every couponer on the face of the earth. Hard to justify a secondary Google search (resulting cookie reset) or visit eBates to get a 15.00 off coupon and loose your place when your getting a You Save: $37,000.01 (56%) message..

    ps: Mondera's Chris, or Skul's Andy, best jump on the GC band wagon as those courtesy links will come off those pages to speed up page load. Same goes for pages with GC inserts like

    Now if your wearing an ethical salesman's cap, and throw away the spammy Adwhore cap, your GC page boldly tells YOUR SHOPPER to join Club-O regular or Gold BEFORE they buying that expensive piece of jewelry, getting them thousands of additional $$$ off purchase price and $1.00 freight. What friggin idiot buyer could ignor that real advice by not spending the 30.00 membership fee to get an additional $3184.00 discount on that very purchase.

    Overstock only gives out coupons to give the couponers spam food. They negate their real value-add affiliate sales force earning power by rewarding those who sell OS coupons ....not OS products. Since Shawn got kicked upstairs, no one at OS wears a sales managers cap who's involved in a AM role Therefore even their ABW forum seldom ever sees a OS employee post. Their too busy smoozing coupon spammers -e-mail list brokers and comparision shopping engines. I say we petition them to eat the 1/4 click/cookie like Sierra Trading Post did!
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