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    All are merchants 1/4 clicks as a fee - I think you're getting some where the GCcharge is paid by the merchant... if so, and to help affs better pick from among your available options, can you provide a list on your site of the merchants and which are 1-in-4 and which are free? Or provide two sections - 1-in4 merchants and no-GC-charge merchants?

    I don't yet understand how you could separate them when mixed together... if an aff mixes a 1-in-4 merchant, with a GC-is-free-to-the-aff merchant, in the same GC store, does the aff therefore get stuck with all 1-in-4?

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    and maybe you call the section of no-GC-charge merchants your Premium merchants... they are the ones affs will be more inclined to use... and the merchant pays GC for the service provided to their affs - so they are a premium partner of yours anyhow - highlight them for both aff sake in discerning and to market yourself to the merchants....

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    From speaking with Asif yesterday several times, the only thing I can say is he wants to make sure goldenCAN is a tool that ALL affiliates are happy to use, and to make sure that merchants are ethical and legit, and ready to make changes as quick as he does for the good of goldenCAN and affiliate partners.

    He is quick to respond to these questions and will add even more value for affiliates through goldenCAN in the coming months. I am sure he will explain and answer all your concerns soon.

    Anyone, program or tool that looks out for affiliates best interest, ready to make changes and runs a professional affiliate centered site.

    Gets my vote!

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    After you login to your account Click on "Merchants" link in the second navigation bar on top. you will see a list of merchants, when they joined and what they are offering. In this page you will also find a column "Fee Structure". This column will indicate which merchants are free and which comes under 4th click.

    We are adding more options as we go along.


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