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    CJ's Latest Adware Client
    CJ now has as a merchant/client. I am a bit confused as to whether or not this app is adware, spyware or both. Could someone please help me here?

    If you define spyware as an application that communicates regularly with the "mother ship" and has the ability to download and install software and/or functionality to your computer without your knowledge, this paragraph might interest you:
    You understand and agree that installation of the Software permits the downloading to your computer by AWS of software which allows us to update the Software for the purpose of fixing product defects, enhancing the weather warning, alerting or other functionality, or providing enhancements to improve your interaction with the Software, and that such updates may occur without notice to you. You agree to accept all such updates and agree that they are and shall be governed by this Agreement
    To their credit, Weatherbug also states:
    You understand and agree that in order to make our services functional and robust, the Software may communicate with our servers. THE SOFTWARE DOES NOT MONITOR OR REPORT BACK TO AWS ANY INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE YOU ARE SURFING OR WHAT YOU DO ON ANY WEBSITES.
    The terms also state that the app is supported by advertising.

    Is this app something to be concerned about? I lump all freebie merchants in to the same category. Am I wrong to do this? My gut is that this is bad for the industry.

    Comments anyone?

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    maybe this could be of some help:

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