Happy Friday everyone!

As we prepare to enter a new retail season, I'd like to shout out a hearty "THANK YOU!" to each of our hardworking publishers for continuing to see us to success with both our DECORATE10 and "Free Rug w/ Purchase" promotions throughout the summer months.

For those of you who had been hosting our Decorate10 coupon banners and text links all summer long, please be reminded that they expired as of August 31st.

Just a note - some publishers are still hosting information on our Spring coupon codes. Please check your site and ensure you're listing relevant info.

For best results, please take all expired coupon codes down from your site, and update accordingly, to ensure you're citing the most relevant Rugman.com info available.

Upon visiting our GET LINKS page at CJ, you'll note that we've got some beautiful new logo banners available - great messaging, great product shots, and eye catching layouts - sure to make your site visitors sit up and take notice! We recommend you pair these with our text links for best results.

If you don't already have these new visuals in place for your Rugman.com features and Rugman.com site sections, visit our CJ GET LINKS page today and give your shoppers something fresh to come back to for fall!

On that note - have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! As always, please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you may have.

All the best!