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    Do merchants in the US work with more than 1 network?
    Hi all

    I have been reading through a lot of the old posts on the large network forums trying to get a handle on the lay of the land regarding some of the more major discussions relating to spyware.

    As a fair few of you know we went through some pretty major movements in the UK not too long ago regarding this issue and things went pretty well. It took plenty of organisation , affiliate link swapping between clean and none clean networks and a lot of videos shown to merchants of what was really happening but we just about got there in the end.

    So my question is do a lot of large US brands have more than one network partner and if so is there an active call for movement of affiliate links from the top earners to those networks who have followed a more ethical path ?

    It would seem to me in the Uk that the biggest turning point was when merchants started opening up new clean network programs as their main affiliates wanted them to and were swapping links whenever they could to other cleaner networks.

    As soon as the really big programs on network still working with spyware were making noises of leaving or opening up with the competition there was a flurry of action .

    Has there been this kind of organised move in the US or are all the big programs tied up with sole network exclusives?

    Thanks in advance


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    Some networks require (or required) exclusivity. Linkshare is probably the most strict on exclusivity. BeFree used to require exclusivity, but I'm not sure if they still do. Most of the others don't require it.

    Some merchants are on multiple networks. Probably more common is when merchants have a program on a single network and one in-house program too.

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    I have always been a bit leary about the word "exclusivity". In this fast changing internet e-commerce world when things can change overnight it's better to keep your options open. In the offline world exclusivity sometimes meant having the right to sit on your laurels and trying less hard. In the internet world it's just magnified.

    Of course if you have some very special requirement that can only be met by one supplier (e.g. special network) and they demand exclusivity you have to go with it.

    This question is timely as I just got a request from a client who is an affiliate working tightly with several merchants. They want to move en masse off a costly more rigid network and go with an in-house hosted solution. In their case I suspect the network doesn't justify the cost since there is only one affiliate (sort of like a wholesaler). So they will move to another platform and take all those merchants with them. Some lucky network that is more flexible and allows private labelling or an in-house hosted vendor will pick up some good business.
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I never really got the exclusivity thing from the merchants point of view unless they were getting heaps of benefit for it . Like you say in an ever changing enviroment competition should be encouraged and welcomed to further the industry.

    In the UK we do have some merchants who only work with our network but its through choice no one makes them and they could open other networks tomorrow - clients like T-mobile for example who for the UK uses only The network and in fact closed a competitor to consolidate with us because of performance as opposed to special terms.

    I think this most certainly means we are kept on our toes to always deliver a higher service so that the clients dont think about opening up other networks - in this situation we work hard and get rewarded for it and that philosophy fits quite nicely for affiliate marketing as a whole I think.


    Malcolm Cowley
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    Obviously everyone wants more sales.

    But if you actively promote your affiliate program offline or in print publications I would say stick with one if you link to your signup URL. Why try to brand a website with a dozen different networks? I've invested heavy with SaS and I'm happy with the results, but I can't see myself spending the same amount I spend on SaS each month on other programs. I just personally think offering multiple affiliate programs will confuse potential publishers not sure which one to sign-up with, so..... don't give them that option and hopefully you'll see more sign-up's.


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