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    Any way to set list formats to load images first
    I like the images first option used on the grid layouts. Is there anyway to load images first when using a list?



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    No, there is no option in Associate Engine to cause list format to show images first (like the "if" grid option). Note: When using "images first" in grids, Associate Engine only looks at the current page of results and reorganizes those results; it does not pull in results that have imags from the next page of results.

    Besides, we do not recommend using the "images first" grid option because AE must download each image from to see if it is empty or not. If the page shows 10 results, then AE must download 10 images. The results are shown to the user only after AE has downloaded the images and formatted the results. So, using "images first" increases the amount of data that must be fetched from and thus the amount of time before results are shown to the user (the images are cached by AE on your server to speed up repeat requests). That's why we do not recommend using "images first"; but grid does support it if you want to use it.

    (FYI, I tried creating a custom formatting library to set the internal "images first" formatting option of the list format, but not all the empty images were moved to the bottom. I'll look into that later to see why it didn't work; so in the future you may be able to use "images first" for the list format by creating a custom formatting library).

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    9's not a problem, and if it slows down the pages, then it's probably not worth it! Appreciate the support.

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