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    3,, or any other suggestion?

    We are currently in the process of choosing an affiliate system for two of our sites.

    We would like to know what affiliate users (publishers) here think would be our best investment, and of course our best choice that will help us better service our future partners.

    We sell apparel, jewelry, pottery, dietary supplements and more, and we think should be a good start since kolimbo and cj are very expensive.

    All comments appreciated.


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    You can find the answer here:

    And I mean a thorough look yourself at which is best for you.

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    Hi Rominos,
    Do you want a complete network or want to handle some of it on your own? A network can be more expensive but they take care of announcing, signup, payments and some will even weed out the nasty parasites

    Other options for you include a shopping cart that has affiliate features or hosted packages. In these cases you need to arrange (our outsource) the recruiting and non-network solutions also mean you deal with the payments.

    Think long term and try get the key features that you need for your business so that you aren't sending a "please change your affiliate link" broadcast to 1000 affiliates a year from now...

    [URL=]Are these affiliates stealing from you?[/URL]

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    >We sell apparel, jewelry, pottery, dietary supplements and more, and we think should be a good start...

    You have answered your own question.
    You can always add another network later.

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    Hello asr_guy,

    Thanks for the input. I have read some posts here as well as info on affiliate networks, and the more options (services) they offer the more expensive they are. What we want is a network that will take care of our payments, as we know affiliates will join our program if a well known third party mails the checks.

    We can take care of the marketing and affiliate recruiting side with no problems until we think it is our of our hand and we can afford services like linkshare or cj, so again I think shareasale is a good option for us, and would like to know how affiliates see they program. If they trust this company and think their tracking and payment policy is good for them.



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