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    Yahoo's Algorythm
    ANyone noticed that yahoo seems to have recently changed thier search algorythm? One of my sites just plundered while the one i built a year ago just soard to the top. I hope the new one ibuilt yesterday follows the same projection as the one i built a year ago. It seems yahoo (for some competive keyterms) is really harping down on excessive use of keywords in title and page names. Anybody else feel this effect?

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    Yes. Yahoo mentioned that the update would be "intense" on their search blog and the Yahoo Search forum at webmasterworld has a lot of postings about it. It started July 20th and then had another big change July 29th.

    I had lots of movement on my sites but the net was a 65% reduction in traffic.
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    I usually use Google when I search, but I had been liking Yahoo's result too. Lately, however, I put in a few searches on Yahoo and got a lot junk on the first few SERPs. I have to say that Google really has gotten better with giving good results - gone are the days where someone's never-updated, thrown-together Geocities page ranks up in the results. Yahoo has gotten better too, of course, but they don't seem to be as good as they had been (at least for me). ... But then maybe the results I was getting recently were the result of their shift and things have straightened out a little by now (or will soon).

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