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    C3 in new Beta Version displays oddly in FireFox
    I just installed the 050208 beta. While the links are now working again, and display properly in IE, the columns are full width in Firefox. I think there was a similar problem using grids in Firefox previously. Could anyone suggest a solution please? It's getting frustrating simply trying to get a cross browser store working...

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    I assume that you are talking about using Associate Engine's format=c3 rather than grid=c:3 parameter.

    The ae-format/c3.fmt v3.06.26 formatting file does have the Firefox "no wrap" problem.

    Run Windows Notepad (new document window) and drag the c3.fmt file icon to Notepad. You should then be able to edit the file. Search for nowrap=nowrap and delete it. Search again and delete again. Save and upload to your server. Done.

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    per: David Cusimano

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