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    1,270 Settles FTC Adware Charges
    For Release: August 3, 2005 Settles FTC Adware Charges

    Free Software Advertised Security Benefits But Didn't Disclose Bundled Adware., Inc., now a subsidiary of America Online, Inc., has agreed to settle FTC charges that it violated federal law by offering free security software, but failing to disclose adequately that adware was bundled with that software.

    The rest of the story...

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    What's worrisome here is that although these guys were caught the reason was NOT that the s/w was bad but that they didn't disclose to the user what was being installed.

    So there are for sure similar "free spyware checkers" out there that do all this and worse (stealing commissions etc.) but as long as it's in the clickwrap/EULA then it's ok. How many people actually read the clickwrap? My guess is 5-10%...

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    Yes there are -

    But at least it's a start..
    Read the complaint against them:

    The problem with that program was not only was it making FALSE CLAIMS but the EULA was set up to show "AFTER" the program had already started the installation process.. and that is WAY to late.

    At least it gives the consumer an idea that these programs are shady at best..

    They need to post the info on everything the program does in big bold print not in the EULA..

    But the FTC is coming around to the problem.. < JULY 2005

    It is a good start.. making the Adware Spyware programs at least take note of their EULA and NOT make false claims..

    There needs to be some kind of RATING system for software -- like there is with music CD's, Video Games, Movies, and TV Shows.. the software companies that give this crap out for FREE need to also fully disclose that they are indeed adware themselves..

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    My guess is 5-10%...
    dude i wouldnt even give it that.

    It is my suspicion that as more of these companies end up going to trial because of crap they try to pull, after sentancing they will just end up stating all the "crap" in the EULA .... and because noone reads it, it wont even matter.

    I think i even remeber reading an articile about legislature enforcing thick laws on EULA's.... Microsoft was obviously against this
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