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    Don't Trust Who's Online...
    Yes, don't trust the who's online feature to ask a question.

    If you go to a merchant or to an affiliate manager forum to ask a quick question because you think that just because you're seeing them online there now, they're going to reply to your question, you better think again.

    It took me a while to figure out but, things are not what they always seems, but now I get the whole picture.

    While I know that many people leave their computers ON all day and that some ABW members stay Online here in all day, today I finally came to the conclusion that Online Now, doesn't mean available to reply, or near the computer to see what is going on, who post a question, or who reply on their forums.

    For over a year now, I have being getting every time that I see that a member post a important affiliate question in some forums around here and the one in charge of that forum don't reply to that member for a few day's, sometimes they don't even reply ever, even when we all see that the question was directed to someone that was and it's online here almost every day, all day long.

    Personally, I only had about three or four unanswered important affiliate questions around here in the last two years, so I just don't care about that, but it really looks bad for those that show that they're Online everyday and maybe reply two or three day's later or never, to a post from one of their affiliates.

    Today I explained all this to someone in person, so I hope this post helps someone else around here.

    Note: This post has nothing to do with some ABW member ignoring some other ABW member posts, for whatever reason a member decides to ignore another member posts, this post have to do with some of the ABW members that are making money with some of the ABW members, one way or another.

    Think About this:

    Lifeguard = An attendant employed at a beach or pool to protect swimmers from accidents.

    Why would a lifeguard get paid to spend the day on the beach, if that life guard won't protect swimmers from accidents?


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    You also have to remember that you can close your browser and still be on the forum. I think it is 30 minutes before it times out.

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    Heck I come & go ....and get ignored all the time. You can get skunked while fishing many-a-day if the mullet aren't biting.
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