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    Alexa Rank vs. Google Page Rank
    1.) Which is more important / a better judgement of traffic to your site?

    2.) Why are so many (valid) pages unranked by google? Does that just mean they are getting all their traffic from other search engines?

    Any feedback on this would be great, thanks!


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    You don't have to have good page rank to rank well in google. I think the main reason that page rank is on the toolbar is so webmasters will download it. This allows google to track where you go. People looking for something could care less what the rank of the page is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Whyte
    1.) Which is more important / a better judgement of traffic to your site?
    I would say neither, as they arent accurate tools at all. The best judgement of traffic to your site is your own stats.

    Alexa rankings are based on Alexa users only, so if your niche is "camping gear" or some other market where users are not likely to be interested in (or even know about) Alexa... you will have a much lower ranking than if you have an internet marketing site - - where more of your visitors have Alexa installed.

    As for PageRank - a site is either "unranked" because it is new or because it is banned/penalized. But what you see on the toolbar isnt accurate PageRank - it's just the PR that Google wants you to see.
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    I agree. There is no relation between google PR and the traffic you get from google. I was trying out a few things with a blog. Its now about 4 months old & only recently (about 2 weeks back) google gave it PR 4. But I don't see any change in the traffic that the blog gets from google. Actually I've a feeling that the traffic from google has reduced.


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