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    Problem with the Stats : Sara Freder
    Hello all,
    i have a small problem with Sara Freder offer with the stats of the program which i hope you will help me solve, thank you in advance for that as its important issue to me.

    Yesterday i had 320 unique visitors on my site
    the problem is that in all 320 visitors i had on that horoscope site my shareasale stats registered only 3 sign ups.

    Now it seems strange to me that of 320 targeted horoscope visitors from search engines and other quality sources, only 3 of them were interested in prominently displayed offer of Sara Freder.

    My first thought was that there MUST be some problem with the stats because a friend of mine who promotes Sara on adwords has enormously higher impression/click/lead score.

    What do you think might be the problem here...

    I m really appreciative of any kind of assistance!


    Ivan Simurina

    My contribution to astrology world: Horoscopes Guide

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    One out of one hundred sounds normal for visitors from search. Actually, it is pretty good. Search visitors are looking around. They probably are going down the list of search results and looking at at whole bunch of sites, some of which they like better than yours, like maybe, your friend's.
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    Well now I know where all the SPAM from Sara Freeder is coming from. Didn't realize it was a SAS program. Maybe that's why it's not converting ... too many people have been SPAMMED to death by her offer. I know I have been. :-(

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