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    Merchants with affiliate-programmable shopping carts
    "Affiliate-programmable" is not a great term, but I am too brain dead from traffic to think more clearly (avoid Pittsburgh right now!).

    Here is what I mean: merchants with shopping carts that can be manipulated (in the positive sense) by affiliates.

    For example, Amazon web services allows us to manage a cart on their site transparently. Given this, we can either use their cart or roll our own and then export it to them at "checkout" time. Unfortunately, I don't know any other merchants with this level of programmability built into their carts/services.

    Given the recent writeup about carts in Revenue, I thought compiling a list of such merchants might be in the general interest of ABW.

    So... any others?

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    Mondera is one that I know of that has published a 'shopping cart api' - look through their affiliate support site for more details.

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    Has anyone ever considered a start-up which targets merchants with affiliate programs to allow consolidated shopping carts?

    Explanation : 1 website where affiliates use that shopping cart api for products from hundreds of merchants. I guess you could consider it as an 'affiliate network' which could earn the same way Linkshare etc do (without the merchant sign-up costs). This website also uses 1 shipping service, so that when you put 1 product from X merchant and another from Y merchant and another from Z merchant, you pay 1 shipping fee. Obviously I haven't thought this through in depth.... but has anyone?

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    Umm... Aren't the items still being shipped from different locations?

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