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    I noticed that no one has posted anything in the last few days. Has all the steam gone out of GoldenCAN already? I know that there are change requests and questions yet to be answered, and I have several merchants waiting to be integrated - when all of a sudden it grew silent. Is anyone making any sales? Is the spider-invisible script not working out? It is eerie for a board to go this quiet this soon.
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    I see that numbers of users, pages views of stores and clicks are increasing every day.

    We are in the process of activating many new merchants at GoldenCAN and some new merchants are coming without 4th click.


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    I'm sure when more then the cursory plopping of a GC script line on a page, testing the waters, evolves into designing a SERP & shopper friendly category page more silence will exist. No one will reveal to affiliate competitors what & who is working best to make them money. That's a given.

    Once GC gets traction I'd expect the noise to come from 2 sources.

    1. GC to start ranking which of their merchants actually convert with their customer facing and click focusing tool.

    2. The actual GC merchnats coming forth to promote and push GC to their affiliates because it does improve their conversion ratios.

    Both will benefit GC as affiliate managers might see some long term benefit from having more physical clicks generated from affiliate content pages rather then endlessly relying upon throw spam foos out for mass traffic purposes.
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